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Wiggles [Divya] Rachakonda

Wiggles! is an eternal optimist who strives to inspire others to live more connected, eco-conscious, and fulfilling lives. She believes that the world is full of loving, helpful, and committed people trying to do the best they can; and is fortunate enough to know and be surrounded by such individuals on a daily basis. A nature lover, Wiggles! can be found spending her free time planting native trees and shrubbery, hiking through gorgeous landscapes, and lobbying for carbon pricing. She hopes her story encourages others to push through their darkest moments and emerge with radiance on the other side.

She Wiggles When She Walks!
Oct. 21, 2021

She Wiggles When She Walks!

Wiggles, yes she does! Divya aka Wiggles fell from the sky 30 feet to the ground and landed on her feet and then tipped over. Since she wasn’t a winged creature that could fly, the forces of nature wrought havoc …

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